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Why Work With Us

We work closely with our clients to help eliminate the financial worries of retirement.  This includes portfolio analysis, investment management and review, life insurance, retirement savings, retirement planning, and education planning.  We also work closely with client’s CPAs and estate attorneys to help coordinate their estate plans.


The process begins with a detailed interview that gives us a clear understanding of a new client’s background and goals.  During this interview we discuss a wide range of important issues, such as current and future income needs, tax status, estate planning, current income sources, risk tolerance, potential financial needs of a surviving spouse and long term care. 

At this time, we will also ask for current statements and if possible tax returns and trust documents.  After this meeting we will have a detailed picture of a new client’s needs, objectives, and concerns.


Using this picture we then create a detailed plan as well as a written investment policy that will include specific action steps as well as a longer term game plan.  Typically, our clients are already retired and have amassed significant net worth.  They want to enjoy their retirement and want expert advice to minimize their financial worries, provide continuity for their spouses and children and have a game plan to provide for long term care needs as well as other issues of aging.  We provide this service and continuity.


When you have made the decision to become our client you can expect a smooth transition.  Once we have consolidated your assets at First Financial Equity Corporation we will begin implementing your plan.  You will receive close personal attention and frequent updates.  We will meet on an ongoing basis to review your portfolio and to follow through on your plan. We use sophisticated software from Morningstar and our expertise to analyze your portfolio. At each meeting we review your asset allocation, projected income, industry weightings, your exposure to domestic and foreign markets, and a detailed breakdown of your fixed income holdings. We perform these meetings both in person or over the phone using web-sharing services. These meetings will allow us to factor in changes in your personal situation and changes in the financial markets to make sure that we are on course to achieve your goals.


Our goal is to give you the opportunity to enjoy your retirement and to eliminate or minimize your financial worries.  This includes maintaining your income and lifestyle, helping your spouse if you should die and making sure your estate is structured for a smooth transition to your heirs.  We enjoy providing personal attention and advice to people who need it.  We believe you will enjoy working with us and you will be very happy with your decision.

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