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At Simonson Wealth Management, investing is just a part of what we do.  We take a comprehensive look at your financial situation and provide you with a suite of services for all your financial needs.  This includes portfolio analysis, investment management and review, risk management, and insurance.  We also work closely with client’s CPAs and estate attorneys to help coordinate their estate planning and tax preparation.  We are here to be your one stop shop for financial services providing you with clarity, excellent service, and peace of mind.


Retirement Planning- We utilize Morningstar software to run 500 simulations of your investment protfolio. We incorporate client information such as income, tax rates, savings, expenses, retirement needs, social security income, and pensions to create a personalized and comprehensive plan.            

Portfolio Analysis – We view all your financial holdings as a whole to give us an accurate representation of your financial situation.  Utilizing our knowledge of the industry in conjunction with sophisticated software, we perform in depth analysis of your holding, the risks associated with them and how they correlate with each other. Analyzing and adjusting the composition of your portfolio is critical to financial success.


Investment Management and Review – We take your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon and create a customized investment plan for you.  We have access to thousands of stocks, bonds and funds giving you access to a full spectrum of investment products.  Our recommendations are based on their suitability for you and our objective is to minimize your risk and volatility while maximizing your return.  Together we periodically review your investments and financial situation to keep on track and adjust the portfolio to your changing needs.


Risk Management -  Risk is an unavoidable aspect of life.  All investments carry some degree of risk and that risk varies based on the type of product.  We use industry knowledge, detailed research, advanced software, and experience to reveal the risks associated with each investment and then diversify and minimize that risk accordingly.


Insurance -  Insurance can be an integral part of your financial situation.  Utilizing life and long-term care insurance can provide you and your family with protection in case the unforeseen occurs.  We help you navigate the confusing plans and contracts of insurance products to determine if they are right for your situation.


Income -We specialize in helping retirees and are experienced in working with the challenges that can arise at this point in your life.  We help you establish a stable income stream to supplement your earnings and provide you with the liquidity that you need to live.  We provide income projections from your investments and look at them in conjunction with your social security and/or pension income to give you a reliable understanding of what you can spend in retirement.


Tax Strategy -  We work with your tax professional to understand your situation and implement the most beneficial tax strategies into your financial portfolio.  How and when to invest and take profits/losses can have drastic implications on your tax bill.  By understanding the investment vehicles, you own and the types of accounts you have we are able to structure your portfolio to be tax efficient.


Generational Planning – We will work with you, your spouse, and your children to ensure stability and continuity with your financial affairs.  We work with your estate planning attorney and CPA to create a financial structure that will benefit you and allow you to pass on to your heirs the financial assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate.


  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETF’s
  • Educational Plans
  • UIT’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • CD’s
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Fee-based, Fiduciary Accounts
  • Brokerage Services

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